DOI: 10.18413 /2408-932X-2015-1-2-13-23


The qualitative improvement of living conditions of socially vulnerable segments of the population (SVSP) is possible through a special approach. Conditions containing a generic basis of human activity are the essence of social life. They objectively dwell and find themselves in such phenomena of a social life of the “here and now” living generation, as industrial and economic, technical and cultural, spiritual, and psychological and mental, even archetypal, and other kinds of states and actions. In every age, they are understood and comprehended in the specific verbal and discursive structures. Their essential, sense-containing supports were founded in wisdom of great thinkers, in folklore, in a sacred, hidden mentality of traditions, in semantic treasures of a language being. In their unity, according to the author’s opinion, they compose a sophiological context of a public, social and individual life and provide an epistemological contour of the de/re/pro-ontological conception of sociology and social work. The problem of the qualitative improvement of SVSP living conditions is proposed to solve within the perspective of the ontological renewal of contemporary social and cognitive practices shackled by simulacra of a social knowledge scientific character. This perspective assumes the re-ontologization and the revival of the primary values and norms of social meanings. The ontological renewal allows to develop the theory of social work, to subtilize it from the current state of the disciplines complex (CSDC) to the productive level of the disciplines in the research and practical plans.
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