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Joannis Malalae Chronographia, an Antioch monk and gospeller of the sixth century, is one of the most actively studied early Byzantine historical writings in the global science. In addition to numerous individual articles in the past two decades there have been published multi-author books in Australia (E. Jeffreys) and France (J. Bocam), and the annotated English translation. However, domestic science, despite the long history of existence in ancient Russian literature, has no works worthy of study, as well as there is no modern scientific translation. A small monograph by Samutkina L.A. (2001) is the only exception. The complexity and multi-layered structure of the text cause a lot of problems, but at the same time it is a beneficial field for researchers. There is no consistent text of the given work, certain parts in ancient Russian versions cannot be found in Greek manuscripts. The Old Russian text was published in the end of the nineteenth century. Today, only one translation of Chronographia Book XVIII dedicated to Byzantine history is available (almost complete translation was done by Chekalova A.A.), and some parts of Books XIV-XVII were translated by Samutkina L.A. In general, the work is split into two halves: Books I-XII talk about the Bible and ancient (Graeco-Roman) history before the adoption of Christianity. Books XIII-XVIII form a "Byzantine logos", narrating the events from Constantine to Justinian. The translation is done on the following publication: Joannis Malalae Chronographia / Rec. L. Dindorf. Bonn, 1831, taking into account: The Chronicle of John Malalas. Melbourn, 1986.
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