DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2020-6-1-0-4

Hermeneutics of the Other in Shutz’s social phenomenology and Lapshin’s critical philosophy

This article addresses the hermeneutic problem of understanding the Other in the philosophical works of A. Schütz and I. Lapshin. The author clarifies the philosophical background of the Austrian sociologist, founder of social phenomenology Alfred Schütz (1899-1959), and reconstructs the way of understanding the Other in the "social world". The author finds the particular details and contexts of understanding the “alien self” by the Russian neo-Kantian philosopher Ivan Lapshin (1870-1952). There is a correlation between Schütz's sociologically thought and Lapshin's critical position: some differences and points of convergence of thinkers in this problem.

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