The article is written in the genre of political essay devoted to one of the most pressing questions of the history of Serbian self-liberation and national consolidation. As the author proves, Montenegro has an existential as well as symbolic beginning of the Serbian history; that is why all the attempts to implement "revision of values" and identify the Montenegrins as a very special or even anti-Serbian entity in the recent history of the postmodern Balkans are deeply dangerous. It is an extra precedent threatening the free spiritual unity of the Serbian world. The author of the article describes the main themes of modern "revaluation of values" of Montenegrin identity and notes that Montenegro's mission has always been to be the core of Serbian unity, not a corpus separatum. Attempts to reinterpret this mission as one of the different interpretive practices are nothing more than a postmodern attempt of identity construction based outside the historical unity of the Serbian identity, i.e. the identity of the Montenegrin as an integral and unique part of identity of all Serbs.
DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2016-2-1-66-70
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