DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2017-3-4-4-11


Strengthening Russia as a spiritual leader requires the development and implementation of the new Russian ideology of the XXI century. Today, there is a clear necessity of new, modern ideology that is developing in the framework of the environmental culture. The deideologization of Russia, leading to the disintegration of the state and society, results in disruption of the integrity of the social system, and, consequently, in the ecological illiteracy of decision makers. The authors outline the disastrous lack of environmental components among the main characteristics of the developing education for technological development and outline the main causes of the situation. The article presents the preliminary results of the analysis of the interaction and possibilities of co-evolution of the cultural environment and ideology, in terms of their content and institutional support. The authors suggest a possible solution to the problem of filling the current ideological vacuum in Russian higher school. It is noted that one of the key points of the new national ideology must be the ideological and ethical aspects of ecologically oriented technological development of Russia.

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