DOI: 10.18413 /2408-932X-2014-1-1-54-62


The paper under study dwells on the thesis that Russian folk song is a timeless phenomenon of folk art and culture, integrating a centuries-old spiritual and practical experience of people, their worldview , system of values , norms and patterns of life. The methodological work of the researchers was done within the framework of the interdisciplinary analysis that describes historical, cultural and social stratification character of Russian folk songs. The result of the research demonstrates that Russian folk songs, retaining their archaic nature, live in an actual historicity. They reflect not only the past in its most stable properties, but also modernity, which undoubtedly puts Russian folk songs in a series of timeless extraordinary phenomena of folk culture. The output can be applied by students and lecturers of educational institutions specializing in culture and art, experts and practitioners of social and cultural activities, projects and programs of regional socio-cultural development. Among the main conclusions are: in the context of modern civilization Russian folk songs play a dominant role in the transformation of socio-cultural space in the following aspects: a source of knowledge of human existence, people, and ethnic group throughout the history of their existence; a unique method of forming a national identity; an artistic and aesthetic phenomenon, organically combined several kinds of folk art; multifunctional communicative means.
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