DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2021-7-3-0-12

Education by 2030 and 2035: Foresight Technologies and Teleology of Risks and Benefits

The article examines the content, goals and super-tasks of business foresight projects for the future of Russian education, created by the Agency for Strategic Research (ASI) of the Moscow School of Economics "Skolkovo" and HSE University, in particular "Education 2015–2030". Using the method of teleological analysis, we analyze the positive and negative aspects of these projects. The article substantiates the need for theoretical and pedagogical comprehension of the consequences of the reformatory ideas, such as: education management according to the pattern of IT companies, online educational technologies, total gamification of education, caste-based society of the future, and other radical social and anthropological innovations.

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