DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2022-8-2-0-12

The influence of vintage characters on advertising attractiveness

The task of studying the influence of vintage characters on the attractiveness of advertising is dictated, on the one hand, by the continuity of the values of different generations, and, on the other hand, by differences in their perception of the attractiveness of vintage characters. The pertinence of the research topic stems from the need to study the influence of vintage characters on different generations, since their preservation in the memory of the previous generation and the emergence of interest in the modern generation directly depend on the influence of vintage characters. The research was carried out by the method of secondary sociological analysis, as well as the analysis of scientific sources and statistical data with their subsequent interpretation. Based on the presented images and statistical data, it was concluded that the influence of vintage characters depends on the age of the target audience of vintage advertising. There is a high interest in vintage characters among generation X. The main proposals are formed to increase the attractiveness of vintage advertising among young people by demonstrating modern goods or services by vintage characters.

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