DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2023-9-1-0-8

Method of interpretation in the aspect of inference on the example of media discourse on vaccination

The purpose of the study is to prove the validity of the methods of interpretation and inference for a comprehensive interdisciplinary analysis of media creolized advertising texts. The method of interpretation in the aspect of inference allows us to consider the situation both from the position of the addresser and from the position of the addressee, which leads to a wider coverage of opinions, positions, points of view for a deeper understanding of the problem. The method of cognitive modeling contributes to a visual representation of cognitive processes that arise when faced with a problem, challenge, situation of cognitive uncertainty. The synergy of these directions contributes to the expansion of the applied possibilities of the methods of inference and interpretation. The potential of the methods is enhanced with a multipolar approach to analysis, taking into account the polar value positions of the addresser and addressee, considered on the material of slogans and announcements about vaccination against coronavirus. Among the identified linguocognitive mechanisms in given examples, we note framing, focusing, involvement, imagining, dialogization, metaphorization, personalization. As a result of the study, a cognitive model of the mechanisms of the coronavirus vaccination situation examples is presented. The model demonstrates a wide coverage of linguocognitive mechanisms that are activated when perceiving, evaluating, analyzing and interpreting the attractive vaccination process that every person faces. To understand the basis of the choice facing each law-abiding member of society, the author's method of a synergistic approach to analysis is proposed.

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