DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2023-9-3-0-10

"Introduction to Active Theology" by Archbishop Evlampy (Pyatnitsky) (anthropological aspects)

The article examines the anthropological aspects of the manuscript "Introduction to Active theology" by the spiritual and academic writer of the first half of the 29th century, Archbishop Evlampy (Pyatnitsky). The author clearly identifies one of the goals of the discipline of active theology, which should transfer a person from a speculative theory to its practical application in real life, to the realization of the insufficiency of their own strength to restore their damaged nature and appeal to God. At the same time, the main ultimate goal of active theology is the elevation of man to Godlike, for which it is necessary to combine both external and internal spiritual activity. The idea of the importance of practical application of theoretical knowledge of a person about his own anthropology in real life is stated.

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