DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2023-9-4-0-4

The Ethos of Science: Humanitarian Expertise of Innovative Technologies in Biology and Medicine

The article discusses the ethical problems caused by the development of biomedical technologies. Emphasis is placed on techniques aimed at modifying the human genome (CRISPR/Cas9), which cause the greatest concern among people who advocate the inviolability of the rights of the individual. It is noted that the degree of "problematization" of this area is associated not so much with the progress of biotechnology as with the evolution in the field of ethics, which leads to a gradual change in ideas about the essence of man and the degree of autonomy (inviolability) of the individual. Of course, this very change is to some extent the result of technological developments, in the light of which the traditional vision of human corporeality, the value and price of human life is constantly being revised.

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