DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2023-9-4-1-2

Continuity of ways of representation of island mythologeme in modern Russian culture

The article explores the continuity of the ways of representation of the mythologeme of the island in modern Russian culture. The author examines a number of images, motifs and plots by means of which the island is represented as an "inoi" (other) world in Russian folklore, and which are later used to represent the "inomirnost" (other-worldliness) of the island in modern Russian culture. It also investigates how these images, motifs and symbols are transformed in the course of this continuity. The novelty of the study lies in the fact that it focuses on specific images that are used to represent the island of the "other" world in folklore and then penetrate into various artistic expressions of contemporary culture, rather than on the continuity of "other-worldliness" as such. In the framework of this study, the continuity of the representation of the island in Russian culture is examined for the first time through the prism of contemporary Russian cinema and Internet lore. The material for the study is verbal Russian folklore (zagovory – spells) and the results of research on folklore islands by other authors, and the representation of the island in contemporary Russian culture is examined using examples from Russian cinema (the films "The Island", "I Want It Too", "The Lost Island") and Internet lore related to islands and found on various web resources (Internet media, Internet portals, blogging platforms LiveJournal and Zen). The author concluded that modern Russian culture often uses images, motifs and spells typical of Russian folklore to represent the "other-worldliness" of the island. The description and peculiarities of demonstration of these images, spells and motifs in cinematography and Internet lore may differ from what we see in folklore, but at the same time the meanings and connection with the "other" world embedded in them in folklore are preserved.

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