DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2020-6-2-0-6

Again Pelevin, again Houellebecq? The first twenty years of the 21th century (proceedings of the round table)

In February 2020, the editorial office of the Research Result. Social Studies and Humanities acted as a co-organizer of the round table of leading and young scientists of the International Research Center "Intellectual History of Russia and Regional Biographical Research" (Belgorod State National Research University), dedicated to modern anthropological prose of Victor Pelevin and Michel Houellebecq. The reports and the discussion touched upon the most diverse aspects of the actuality, and relevance of the writers' creativity in the context of modern humanitarian topics and problems, such as: the mirroring and infinity of Pelevin's author's questioning (S. Kolesnikov), authorship itself and writing as a problem in the modern world (E. Sherstyukova), the problem of the search for identity by a modern person and a literary character in a comparative key (O. Fedosyuk) and in a gender aspect (E. Tikhomirova) and in a utopian idealization (E. Chistyakova), continuation of the tradition of eternal values and idealism of Russian literature in the creative work of Victor Pelevin (E. Motovnikova) and Michel Houellebecq (K. Zagorodneva), philosophy, literature and practice of freedom and liberation of the reader's mind (M. Shirmanova). The discussion also touched upon questions about the role and significance of literary criticism for the modern reader, about cultural and historical parallels and divergences between modern Russia, the West and the East. The editorial board is publishing the full transcript of the round table in two parts.

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