DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2021-7-2-0-11

Letters from O. A. Danilevskaya to N. N. Strakhov (a "report" on the meeting with L. N. Tolstoy)

More than 16 years of friendship and, most importantly – ideological and spiritual closeness, connected the outstanding cultural scientist, thinker and natural scientist Nikolai Ya. Danilevsky with the philosopher, critic and publicist Nikolai N. Strakhov. Strakhov became a popularizer and apologist of Danilevsky's ideas, and a publisher of his works. Of particular interest are the letters of the widow of Nikolai Danilevsky, Olga Danilevskaya, to Nikolai Strakhov, in which she shares, in particular, her observations and impressions of communication with Leo Tolstoy and his family.

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