DOI: 10.18413/2408-932X-2024-10-1-1-2

Reflection of the author’s creative personality in the structure of the collection of articles (using the example of “Twilight of Enlightenment” by V. V. Rozanov)

The article examines the function of the artist as a creator of the collected articles’ structure, the latter being understood as a special form of Rozanov’s creative mind representation. The subject of the study is the collection of articles “Twilight of Education” by Vasily Rozanov. While analyzing the matter, historical-cultural, biographical, hermeneutic methods of research were used. The research is based on the relevant works of I. A. Edoshina, I. S. Kon, P. P. Suvchinsky. The relevance of this article is determined by the novelty of the approach in identifying the specific expressions of a creative personality in a new artistic form such as a collection of articles. Special attention is given to the origins of the collection as the new artistic form in the culture of the Silver Age. For this purpose, the collection “Twilight of Enlightenment” is analysed as it serves as the best form that demonstrates the value and depth of V. V. Rozanov’ thoughts. The influence of the personal background on the specifics of V. V. Rozanov’s essays is determined. This approach was suggested by P. P. Suvchinsky, who analyzed the works of V. V. Rozanov and came to the conclusion that there was an impact of his personal background on the genre specificity of the author’s prose. The influence of the life's path on the further development of the creative personality is noted. The specifics of the collection are reviewed from the point of view of the selection of articles, which were collected not mechanically, but were subject to editing and analysis by the author and the publisher. The role of the publisher P. P. Pertsov in the publication of the first collection of V. V. Rozanov “Twilight of Enlightenment” is assessed. Particular attention is paid to the personality of V. V. Rozanov, as the author of the articles included in the collection “Twilight of Enlightenment”. Vasily Rozanov, the author of articles in the collection, compiled and published by Pyotr Pertsov, is considered as an example of such a creative personality. In the conclusion, it is noted that the collection tends to be a special form of representation of the artist, where the ideas of “familiar” and “unfamiliar” attract and repulse each other, forming a specific discourse that is typical for the artistic consciousness of the twentieth century.

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